Whatever Happened To Katrina Pierson? You’re Gonna Love The Answer

Think back to the 2016 race for the White House. Do you remember who always seemed to be on cable news, speaking on behalf of the Trump campaign? Yep, it was human barracuda and resident dimwit Katrina Pierson. So what ever became of the airheaded spin machine?

Well, to hear Pierson tell it, she was offered a job at the White House. But she’s currently working as pro-Trump America First Policies 501 (c)(4) nonprofit. As Pierson recalls:

“It was funny because, I think it might have been a week later…I called ‘em up and said, ‘You know, I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I’m gonna go over to the c4. I talked to…staff, who were very disappointed. But they understood. Everybody said, ‘Do what you feel is in your heart.’”

Interesting story, huh? The problem is that it’s also total bullshit.

A White House insider says Pierson was offered the job of deputy press secretary, but got “pissed” when she wasn’t rewarded with the top job of press secretary, which went to an equally moronic hack, Sean Spicer:

“I love Katrina, but she was bitching to everyone that they should have chosen her and not Sean. It got back to [Jared Kushner and Reince Priebus]. And they ultimately decided they just didn’t want to deal with that sort of drama. So they ‘placed’ her in the c4.”

Sounds like Pierson would have been perfect in a Trump administration. She lies almost as much as the so-called president.

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