WATCH: Joy Reid BRILLIANTLY DESTROYS Dumba** Conservative’s Argument Against Obamacare

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is one of the few progressive voices in the mainstream news media who consistently gets it right. In this video, Reid brilliantly dissects the conservative argument against Obamacare by shooting down their whiny protests against the individual mandate.

The segment features Reid facing off with a slimy balding Republican bridge troll who thinks that people should “philosophically” not be mandated to buy health insurance as is required by Obamacare. Reid countered that conservatives made the same arguments against mandatory seat belt laws and car insurance.

The neocon tried to split hairs arguing that driving a car or motorcycle are not rights, unlike being alive. However, Reid hit him with the perfect response proving once again that libertarian conservatives don’t live in our reality.

Check it out.

The heart of the progressive ideology is simple. We are either in this together or we all just all out for ourselves.

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