Trumpy Says Trumpcare Is Gonna Be ‘A Beautiful Picture’–Twitter Rips Him A New One

Will Donald Trump never learn? He feels the need to go on Twitter and make ludicrous allegations (wiretapping by Obama), comment on things he should avoid (saying he respects women on International Women’s Day), or how great things are gonna be now that he’s the pretend president.

With both Democrats and Republicans saying the bill for the Obamacare replacement is dead on arrival, once again Trumpy tried to bend reality to his own will:

It will end in a beautiful picture, he says. But of course this complete moron’s idea of what is beautiful or even acceptable has been and always will be questionable. This is a man who thinks having the interior of your house look like a bordello is classy.

For his patently insane posting, Trump was mocked without mercy by others on Twitter. Take a look:

As has been said before and will be said millions of times in the future: This stupid and out of touch shitbag of a president needs to stay the fuck off Twitter.

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