Trump’s West Palm Beach Neighbors Want Him To Find Another Place To Spend His Weekends

Those who live and own businesses in West Palm Beach, Florida, have a message they want Donald Trump to hear and heed: Spend your weekends somewhere else.

The reason the con man turned wannabe president is so unpopular with residents and business owners? The safety measures implemented by the Secret Service are costing taxpayers and local small businesses a fortune.

A spokesperson for Southern Helicopter was blunt:

“We’re basically going broke. We were not expecting him to come down almost every weekend.”

Jonathan Miller, the president of Stellar Aviation Group, says he’s worried that his business will go belly-up if Trump continues to spend weekends at Mar-a-Lago. Miller estimates that he’s losing at least $30,000 each weekend because of the lazy-ass alleged head of state.

And then there’s the taxpayers of West Palm Beach County, who are already looking at $1.7 million in extra security for the Russian puppet who resides at the White House. They’ve asked the federal government to reimburse them and been met with derision.

So, Donnie, it looks like you need to stay at your office on the weekends and at least pretend to work. See, no one outside of your pathetic 35 percent of fanatical supporters and blood sucking flunkies can stand you. Even your wife and son refuse to live in the same state.

But don’t fret, Donald, because there’s one perk to staying locked up in the Oval Office: The communications system is supposed to be virtually untappable.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via NBC News.

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