Like A 4th Grader – Trump Keeps A List Of People Who Cross Him

SAD! President Donald Trump has a list of people who go against him. Last week, the long-awaited Republican health care solution was pulled from the House because it didn’t get enough support.

Trump is supposedly very upset with this. Andrew Desiderio of The Beast reported:

“Trump wasn’t sanguine about the loss. He was red hot. Trump reportedly pushed for the vote to happen on Friday afternoon to publicly humiliate disloyal Republicans on live television. (Trump backed down and the bill was pulled instead.) Nevertheless, Trump’s chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon told the president to ‘keep a shit list of Republicans who fought him.”

Trump sarcastically tweeted:

Yes, he is having an online tantrum. Bannon is giving him horrible advice.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is also having a mini tantrum of his own. He said:

“This place [Washington, D.C.] was a lot more rotten than we thought that it was—and that I thought it was because I’ve been here for six years. I know the Freedom Caucus. I helped found it. I never thought it would come to this.”

The president and his cronies need to grow up. People disagreed with their bill. They should make improvements to our existing, decent system instead of trying to stick it to former President Barack Obama at every turn.

Featured image by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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