Trump Golfs With Taxpayers’ Money – Calls Budget ‘Messy’ (VIDEO)

Right wing nut jobs had a practical orgy when Donald Trump won the presidency. Pinching pennies and cutting corners is what their dictator specializes in. So why aren’t they up in arms over him golfing away millions of our money every weekend?

Oh, that’s right. Citizens are the ones who should do without. Not the wealthy.

Tax Dollars At Work

For all of the bitching he does about the media, Trump sure knows when to ham it up for the reporters. That’s exactly what happened during a recent meeting about our budget. The same budget he convinced his cult following that only he could save.

While meeting with the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, he said to the reporters:

“Unfortunately, the budget we’re essentially inheriting is a mess. The finances of our country are a mess. we must do a lot more with less.”

Translation: Trump is our knight in shining armor who has come to save us from the big, bad previous administration.

So what’s with his weekly golfing trips to Mar-A-Lago that cost taxpayers $3 million a pop?


Since taking office, Trump has spent a significant amount of time at Mar-A-Lago. It’s his tacky golf resort in Florida that he’s wrongfully called the ‘Southern White House.’ While presidents have been known to relax over some golf, these trips are far from necessary.

CNN host Jake Tapper had no problem pointing out the hypocrisy in Trump’s complaint about the budget, saying:

“do a lot more with less. presidents are certainly entitled to take a day off, but any deficit hawk would ask, ‘is a weekly trip to palm beach by the president doing a lot more with less?’ he takes marine one, air force one, and motorcades to get the president to his posh oceanside estate with intense secret service protection.”

That’s not doing “a lot more with less.”

What we have, ladies and gentleman, is a dictator. A man who sits on his thrown and tells everyone to do without for the sake of our country, then gets whisked away on our money to decompress with some golf.

That isn’t to say that Trump doesn’t deserve a vacation. All of those tweet storms must really tire him out. We’re just saying that maybe, just maybe, there’s another way for him to calm down after yet another childish Twitter rant.

Tapper was happy to give Trump an alternative by saying:

“there is another retreat much closer and cheaper. that, of course, would be camp david. it is already set up to be a working white house and has security protocols in place 24/7.”

In other words, there’s already another White House for Trump.

So there you have it, everyone. Trump pandered to the uneducated and now putts golfballs on their hard earned money. At least we didn’t elect an experienced politician because she sent boring emails on an unsecured server.

Watch the full clip below.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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