Trump Is An Abusive A$$hole And His Cult Following Has Textbook Stockholm Syndrome (VIDEO)

The amount of evidence proving that President Donald Trump is an abusive bully is overwhelming. We have all seen the video of First Lady Melania reacting as a classic victim of abuse. We know that Trump is hyper-aggressive. We have seen him bully and threaten. His behavior is known as gaslighting.

Generally speaking, a perp that gaslights will seek power and control by making the victim question their own mind. They do this by employing multiple techniques.

  • He tells such obvious lies that it boggles the mind
  • Then he denies that he told the lie
  • He begins to play the victim role
  • He gets other people to back him up
  • He makes promises that he never intends to meet
  • Finally, he discredits any opposition to his claims…such as the media

This behavior is highly effective and is used by narcissists, dictators, and cult leaders. Trump is obviously all three of these.

When an abusive person gains power over the life of a victim, that victim will sometimes identify with their abuser for self-preservation. The website Narcissistic Behavior outlines how Stockholm Syndrome occurs:

 “From birth, nature builds in unconscious defense mechanisms and adaptive behaviors in order to protect the child from annihilation from early trauma, and these same defenses remain throughout life whenever we are vulnerable to highly stressful experiences that threaten us with annihilation. When the child starts life, they experience the world as a frightening place, so in order to reduce their fear they need to form an emotional bond with somebody in order to reduce their stress and anxiety.”

Trump has done an effective job creating fear in his victims. He has painted our country as an unprotected target of terrorists. He has demonized black and brown people. He has created a culture of hate fueled by fear.

Fear of Mexicans coming for American jobs. Fear of Muslims coming to kill American Christians. Fear of young black and brown people coming to kill law enforcement officers and break the law. Trump is controlling fellow Americans with abuse. It is time to get them some help. #Resist

Watch the proof of the abuse below:

Featured Image by: Masha George Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0.

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