Transphobic Bus Rolls Its Hate Through Manhattan

A new type of school bus is invading Manhattan. It is sponsored by three conservative groups. One description read:

“An orange bus rolled onto the streets of Manhattan Wednesday to make its first stop on an East Coast tour, during which a load of activist passengers will evangelize that transgender people don’t exist and citizens must rise up to complain about their growing acceptance.”

Here is an example of one:

Image via Freethought Blogs

For the last year, Republicans have been trying to regulate where transgender people go to the bathroom. The buses have bigoted, transphobic sayings on them such as, “Boys have penises. Girls have vaginas.”

People don’t fit all the way into just two specific categories. There are lots of more interesting ways to categorize people if you are going to do that. However, it’s really not necessary to label people at all. The idea that gender is fluid is becoming more accepted nowadays. Republicans are making it a bigger deal than it really is.

As Urban Dictionary puts it, transphobia is:

“An irrational negative response to transgender and intersex people, as well as other forms of gender-bending and gender non-conformity. Extreme cases may involve the belief that people with the above conditions are less than human. Often carries that assumption that gender is a natural, rather than learned, condition, and that biological sex is a discrete, immutable trait rather than a collection of characteristics.”

These buses are just perpetuating hate, and they need to stop.

Featured image via Twitter.

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