This 5-Year-Old Kid Gave Trump The SICKEST BURN On ‘The Ellen Show’

If you missed Friday’s episode of “The Ellen Show,” one of her guests was a 5-year-old geography whiz by the name of Nate Seltzer.

Nate was proudly showing off a map of the world he’d drawn, and he would point to different countries and continents, each of which had a character that lived on it: a penguin on Antarctica, a tiger for Africa, etc.

DeGeneres pointed to Russia and asked who was standing on it. Without missing a beat, Seltzer replied:


Why was Trump on Russia? Ellen asked the kid. Once again, with expert timing, Seltzer said:

“Because he likes Russia.”

Within a few minutes, social media was attesting to the fact that a star had indeed been born:

Here’s the clip. Something tells me you’ll want to share it with all of your friends:

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