The White House Says Climate Change Research Is A Waste

Donald Trump may think that climate change research is a waste of time and a Chinese conspiracy, but it’s not. It is actually required by law even though he is trying to get rid of it at the federal level.

Here in the South, we are dealing with rising seas and wildfires and sudden, hard downpours. Ali Zaidi, a Stanford energy researcher, said:

“For each of these programs, real people live on the other side of the budget line item. Students, small business, and sources of economic growth for communities count on this data. Now you’ve got folks waiting by the phone to learn whether they’ll be going to work tomorrow or whether the data that informs their livelihoods will still be available.”

“For agencies, this means they will be less creative and more conservative. They will plan to the lowest possible funding level. And that will hurt both the programs and the supply chains.”

Trump’s “skinny budget” is cutting climate research in many agencies including NASA. The weather on our planet is changing. We need to find ways to keep our society going and to be able to adapt to our changing climate. We can’t just hide in the sand and pretend it’s not happening.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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