The A$$Clown SkyBridge Founder Dangerously Blames Dems For Hate Crimes (VIDEO)

A once possible appointee for adviser to President Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, has taken leading through fear to a whole new level when he put out a tweet insinuating that Democrats could be behind the recent Jewish attacks.

In an attempt to solidify his claim he also attached a link to a Breitbart article, which is as quality as dog shit, to the tweet. The article talks about a tactic called “bird-dogging” which was coined when the Trump regime was attempting to say paid Democrats were the ones causing unrest at election rallies.

As I was reading this tweet I had to continuously tell my self to take deep breaths. Not only is this wildly inaccurate and baseless claim coming from some washed up ass wipe that even Captain Cheeto and the Couch Brigade didn’t want, he then sources one of the WORST “fake news” publications on the market today.

In a time where Trump and Bannon’s anti-Semitic rhetoric has incited the underlying racist rednecks in the country, the conservatives choose to pick an attack on the Jewish community to get behind because Trump seems upset.

Well Trumpy, you put down a Jewish reporter, you constantly discuss anti-Muslim topics, you degrade and offend the country of Mexico, and you show zero respect for women. And then, when all of your white supremacist buddies start climbing out of the dank swamps they were incubated in, and begin attacking the Jewish community, you are “angered.”

We all know you give no shits about the Jewish community, you are just using your somewhat Jewish daughter and her Jewish husband to make yourself look like you give two pussy grabs of caring for someone other than a white, rich, male.

Oh, and Scaramucci…stop looking for your two seconds of fame…no one even knows who the hell you are.

More stupid comments from this moron:

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