Dumbf*ck Televangelist Thinks He Has Christ-Dar

Televangelist Rick Joyner, who loves to brag about his claim that an actual cloud formed in his church, also says that he can spot a Christian just by looking at them.

He posts Facebook rants, and that was where he said:

“there are so many hungry people after God like that, and those are the people that, you know, you have to enjoy the most. They are, in my opinion, the people who are the most alive today. And I can go in a store or something, I can tell when someone’s a Christian. There is a presence about them, there’s a sense, there’s a peace, there’s a joy, there’s… um… it’s pretty easy to tell. I’ve rarely been wrong. I don’t even remember being wrong about that… Now, I may have, I just don’t remember it. But, you know, what a great time we live in…”

This same idiot also once claimed that people who oppose President Donald Trump are being led by Satan.

That is just plain ridiculous! Does this mean he can tell who is an atheist just by looking? We don’t wear devil horns or “666” tattoos in public.

He says, “there is a peace” about Christians. Does that mean people who are not Christians can’t be at peace? He is totally full of shit.

Featured image via Facebook video screenshot.

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