Stephen King Is Trolling The Sh*t Out Of Donnie Con Man On Twitter–Hilarious!

Seems that our so-called president is now so paranoid that he’s going to be exposed as a traitor that he’s under the impression that President Obama personally wiretapped him at Trump Tower. Actually, a FISA court is believed to have issued a warrant for Trump’s communications–and those of his aides–back in October of 2016 when it became obvious the Trump campaign was being assisted by the Russians in order to assure Cheeto Hitler won the election.

But this morning, Trump was virtually foaming at the mouth as he tweeted out:

The sad (not to mention frightening) thing about the tweets is that Trump has no fucking clue that a president cannot tap anyone’s phones. That can only be done with a court order. Also, the way he’s stumbling around like a drunken sailor who just got rolled for his pay is a good confirmation that Trump knows damn well he’s a guilty son of a bitch.

Into this steps the novelist Stephen King, who decided to do some expert trolling of the Human Combover with three tweets of his own:

Game, set, and match, Stephen King.

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