Snowflake Hannity Has Twitter Meltdown Because His Savior, Trump, Is Being Investigated

If he believed in same-sex marriage, something tells me Sean Hannity would have proposed to Donald Trump a long time ago.

And now that his lord and savior, Donald Trump, is under attack from all sides because he’s a lying traitor who is owned by Vladmir Putin, Hannity is all over Twitter, trying to defend his Daddy Donnie.

Trying to prove that what House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said yesterday about Trump possibly being under surveillance as part of a larger operation, Hannity tried to pretend all of this unsubstantiated bullshit was proof that Saint Donald was being framed:

Got any proof, Sean? Nope, because you, like Trump, specialize in fake news. You accuse others of it in an attempt to divert the unsuspecting from your own stench.

Never vetted Obama?! To hear Hannity and the Fox News clowns tell it, President Obama was a socialist Muslim bent on the destruction of the country. Now, however, it’s quite clear that’s actually Trump’s goal as he fulfills the plans of his master, Vlad Putin.

Oh, and remember how Hannity just said “last point” in that tweet? He lied about that, too:

Leaking is a felony. That much is accurate. But I’m not sure it outweighs high treason, which can get you placed in prison for the rest of your life.

One personal wish of mine: When they put Trump in handcuffs, I hope they do the same to his lapdog, Sean Hannity.

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