Secret Service Caught INTRUDER On White House Grounds (VIDEO)

On Friday night, the Secret Service caught a man with a backpack who breached the south side of the White House complex.

The intruder was Jonathan T. Tran of California. He claimed to have an appointment with President Donald Trump, and he said he got there by jumping over the fence.

Tran jumped the fence over near the Treasury Complex on White House grounds. He was not found right away, though. He managed to get to the other side of the grounds.

President Trump told the reporters:

“The Service did a fantastic job. It was a troubled person. It was very sad.”

The Secret Service swept the area and found “nothing of concern.” The security level was temporarily raised to “orange,” which is one of the highest.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said:

“[The Secret Service] did a phenomenal job and they continue to provide phenomenal protection to the president and the first family, and the president was very appreciative of their efforts.”

Tran was carrying two cans of mace, along with a U.S. Passport, an Apple laptop computer, a book written by President Trump, and a letter he had written to the president.

The criminal complaint said this about the letter:

“Tran mentioned ‘Russian hackers,’ and said he had information of relevance. Tran alleged he had been ‘followed,’ that his ‘phone and email communications [had been] read by third parties,’ and that he had ‘been called schizophrenic.'”

Let’s hope Mr. Tran can get some help.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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