The Search Is On To Determine Trump’s ‘Greatest’ Tweet, And You Can Help

The March Madness college basketball tournament is about to begin, so the gang at The Daily Show thought it would be the perfect time to pick the all time “greatest” tweet from the Douchenozzle-in-Chief, Donnie Trump.

The Trump Twitter tournament is named “Third Month Mania,” and it features 64 of the craziest tweets to ever emanate from the sick mind of this man they tell us is president.

Much like the NCAA tournament, Third Month Mania is also divided into four regions: “Celebs,” “Gov’t Affairs,” “Enemies,” and “WTF.”

Here’s a sampling:





Unlike the NCAA tournament, however, where you just sit and watch the games as you look at what was once your brilliant bracket, you can vote on the Trump tweets. Just go to the Comedy Central website and let your voice be heard.

Hell, Don the Con himself might even decide to participate. But if his favorite tweet doesn’t win, expect lots of whining about the contest being rigged.

h/t The Huffington Post

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