RWNJ ‘Future Libs Want’ Meme Backfired – Twitter F*cks ’em Up Real Fast

When will conservatives realize that they’re just not funny?

Seriously, name five successful conservative comedians right now. I’ll even spot you Larry the Cable Guy. You can’t do it. BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT FUCKING FUNNY. I mean, I could say that it’s hard to be funny when you have an enormous stick up your ass.

But the real truth is that real humor punches up, but never down. When you punch down, you’re just an asshole. And conservatives love to punch down.

Twitter, on the other hand, is often seriously fucking funny, and my Twitter people proved their humor mettle yet again today, when some stupid right-wing asshole tried to make a funny and failed miserably.

See, right off the bat, they’re assholes. Someone snapped a picture of two people who belong to marginalized groups (one of whom happens to be the amazing drag queen Gilda Wabbit) and thought, “Oh derp, not white men, zomg, libtards!” And then thought it would be sooooooooooo funny to try and shit on them and all liberals in seven words.

But not so fast, @polNewsNetwork1 (really, you couldn’t do any better than that?).

Things got bad (for they of the shitty Twitter handle) right quick. And fucking amazing for the thinking folk among us. I’ll just leave a few of the gems here.

You’re welcome.


Featured image via Twitter

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