Right-Wing Moron Thinks Donald Trump Belongs On Mount Rushmore

If you’ve ever seen Mount Rushmore in person, then you know it’s breathtaking, and it honors four of our greatest presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Now imagine the butt ugly mug of Donald Trump next to these great Americans. It’s enough to make you puke.

But WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah says he sees a day when Trump will indeed be seen in the Black Hills along with the other four heads of state:

“It’s time for someone to say it.

“Donald Trump’s first 40 days in the White House rival those of any modern American president for excitement, controversy, accomplishment, work ethic, courage, boldness and real leadership.

“Think about that. Is there any question? Is there any doubt?

“If he continues like this, there could be a new face on Mount Rushmore in the future.”

He hasn’t done shit, you idiot! He’s signed some executive orders and gone to Florida every weekend, but most of all he’s posted stupid (and incorrect) shit on Twitter and tried to deny that his entire cabinet is in the pocket of Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump on Mount Rushmore? Something tells me this would be the reaction from the four real heroes:

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