Dick Durbin – Trump Is Destroying The Credibility Of The Office ‘140 Characters At A Time’

President, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) said this about President Donald Trump:

“Donald Trump is destroying the credibility of the Office of President 140 characters at a time.”

“This charge that he has made about some wiretapping before the election without a scintilla of evidence has been refuted not only by the former president but the national head of intelligence and the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.”

Just this week, Trump tweeted some crazy conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped his phones at his hotel, Trump Tower.

Durbin is right. The office of the president is arguably the most important job in the world. Trump is just making us look terrible to the rest of the world.

Durbin has also said before that Trump’s tweets just distract from the real issues we need to be dealing with. We need to be talking about how horrible the new health care bill is instead of these ridiculous wiretap fantasies.

We should be talking about how Russia influenced the election. Trump is probably just trying to help his boyfriend, Vladimir Putin.

Trump is turning the office of President of the United States into a reality-TV style circus. It is embarrassing.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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