Racist GOP Congressman Steve King Gets Shredded On Twitter For ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’ Tweet

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King may well be the most racist and xenophobic person to ever serve in the United States House of Representatives.

On Sunday, King thought it would be superb idea to retweet a link to a post by the far-right newspaper Voice of Europe which featured an image of Dutch white supremacist Geert Wilders, who is running for parliament in the Netherlands:

Steve, what the fuck, dude?! This was necessary? Even if you agree with a neo-Nazi like Geert Wilders, you’d do better to just keep that shit to yourself. Maybe you think now that the Cheeto Hitler is in office it’s now socially acceptable to say this kind of bullshit. But it isn’t. Not now and not ever.

Thankfully, others on Twitter leveled out Congressman King’s karma:

Some advice for Steve King: Delete your account and stick your head in a toilet bowl. Repeat until all respiration ceases.

Featured Image Via DownWithTyranny

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