Rachel Maddow Just Trolled Trump Jr. On ‘The View,’ And It Was Epic!

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was a guest Wednesday on The View, and she was asked about her recent scoop when she was able to acquire two pages of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return. Trump called it “fake news,” but not his son.

Specifically, Maddow was asked about this tweet from Donald Trump, Jr. not long after her show aired:

To that, Maddow told the ladies on The View:

“My favorite thing about those two things together is, like, okay, it’s an amazing release of his tax information that shows he’s super-rich and pays taxes. Also, it’s fake and it’s illegal to publish those. I’m happy to absorb either one of those punishments from the family — but both of them? It’s either fake or it’s real, you guys have to pick one.”

Joy Behar asked Maddow what she thought Trump was afraid of. To that, Maddow replied:

“I dunno. So why doesn’t he release them? The explanation for why he won’t doesn’t make sense. We’ve now seen, with me releasing these two pages, that you can release it and it’s not necessarily bad news. Why are you so afraid?

“The thing is that, if the White House continues to insist that there’s nothing in the tax returns that’s going to make him look bad at all, and there’s nothing to this Russia story, well, prove it, do it.”

My guess is that the two are interwoven. They won’t release the taxes because they show connections to Russian officials and organized crime figures. If those tax returns were to be revealed, it would soon become clear that Trump is indeed a puppet of various Russian entities.

Hey, Donald, prove me wrong! Prove us all wrong and release the damn tax returns!

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