Pro-Fetus TX Bill Lets Docs Lie To Patients Just In Case The Truth Leads To Abortion (VIDEO)

In yet another Republican missive to strip women of their rights and treat them like children who need big daddy government to hold their hands and tell them what to do, a new bill in the Texas state government will allow anti-choice doctors to lie to their patients in the name of fetus worship.

So here’s the gist of the thing …

S.B. 25 wants to make it so that pregnant women cannot sue their doctors for “wrongful birth.” As reported by the Washington Post:

“In Texas, ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuits give parents of children with severe disabilities the ability to take legal action against their doctor if they believe they weren’t adequately informed about their child’s disability before their birth.”

Because the anti-choice crowd is so worried about the wimmins not being able to handle the thought of having a disabled child before the fact and just assume that they’ll want to abort.

But the fact is that a) women who are not adequately informed of a disability are robbed of the time they may need to prepare themselves – financially, emotionally, and otherwise — for such a situation; b) removing this liability means that an anti-choice doctor who assumes that a given diagnosis may result in the woman choosing abortion could withhold that information and thus rob the woman of the chance to take certain life-saving measures; and c) if a woman does feel that she cannot handle such a situation in her life at that time, then she should have the option to abort.

Blake Rocap, legislative director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, told the Washington Post:

“Sometimes that information will lead to termination of a pregnancy and sometimes it will lead to a woman going to great lengths to keep a pregnancy viable that may otherwise be lost or end in a miscarriage … I would like to believe there’s not many doctors in the state of Texas who would be so unprofessional to lie to their patients. But for those that would, this bill allows them to do that without taking any responsibility.”

That, right there, is the whole point.

And these assholes are not even trying to hide their true agenda, because, as the bill’s author, state Sen. Brandon Creighton (R), said:

“…He introduced the legislation because he considers it ‘unacceptable that doctors can be penalized for embracing the sanctity of life’ in Texas and noted that — as a father of two — he believes that ‘every child is precious.'”

So Creighton gets all “sanctity of life” on your ass, but he’s also voted against expanding health care to low-income children (twice!) and against providing breakfast to low-income children. “Every child is precious,” my ass.

Typical Republican – save the fetus, but who gives a fuck about them once they’re born.

And they give absolutely ZERO fucks about women and how pregnancy, birth, and parenting impacts their lives.

But you probably already knew that.

Featured image by William Murphy via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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