‘Pain-Capable’ Abortion Bill Is A Science-Free Leash On Women (VIDEO)

Human incubators. That’s how a senator in Montana views women.

‘Science’ Crutch

Last Friday, the Montana Legislature moved forward with a proposal for an abortion ban. Since women have had the right to choose since 1973, thanks to Roe v. Wade, they needed something other than ‘controlling women’ to get it passed.

So they claimed ‘scientific research’ has shown that fetuses at 20 weeks are “pain-capable.”

Not so surprisingly, a man is behind this legislation. Sen. Keith Regier (R-Mont.) defended his virtual leash by saying:

“The need for this bill is brought by the increased scientific evidence that abortion is painful for the unborn. I could graphically explain what happens to a fetus during an abortion, especially during a late-term abortion, but in the interest of good taste i won’t.”

We could explain the physical and emotional traumas of having a self-induced abortion thanks to bans, but in the interest of good taste we won’t.

That’s not all, folks.

Criminalizing Doctors

As if this bill weren’t enough, yet another abortion restriction was pushed through at the same time. This one would actually criminalize abortions after 24 weeks by forcing doctors in Montana to try and save the fetus.

So if a pregnant woman were to suddenly need an abortion past that mark, the doctor’s first concern wouldn’t be her health. It would be to harvest the baby just to avoid any legal ramifications.

That would mean that he, the doctor, would have the government’s best interest in hand. Not the woman’s.

Sen. Jen Gross (D-Mont.), who is also a Field Operations Manager for Planned Parenthood, told the Senate just how disastrous this bill would be. Her own mother chose to carry through with a pregnancy that posed an immediate risk to her health and miscarried.

Gross said:

“My mother was full term when her pregnancy ended tragically and without the intervention of any doctor – or legislator. This bill is intended to establish a legal framework that undermines our constitutional right to privacy and seeks to ban a legal medical procedure in montana.”

Tight Leash

While statistics show that most abortions occur within the first trimester, a small percentage do happen in the later stages of a pregnancy. This is usually when a woman’s life is in danger, fetal abnormalities have been discovered, or they had to save up money just to have the procedure done.

In other words, most women don’t want to be pregnant unless they plan on becoming a mother. Late-term abortions happen for a reason.

Requiring all insurance plans to cover abortion is one way to reduce the number of late-term ones, but anti-choice hypocrites would foam at the mouth. Of course, they probably don’t bat an eye at covering impotence medication while simultaneously voting against programs like Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

It’s all about control.

Luckily the governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, is all for abortion rights and is expected to veto both bills. It’s a dark reminder, however, that we must continue fighting for the right to choose at all stages of pregnancy. Keep politics out of the uterus.

Watch this video about abortion restrictions and why we must keep fighting for the right to choose throughout a pregnancy.

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