Oregon Infant Died Because Of Faith Healer Parents

Another baby has lost her life because of faith healers. The 24-year-old Sarah Mitchell of Oregon gave birth to twins last week. The second baby died soon after birth from breathing complications.

Many people are questioning whether or not this death could have been prevented. Mitchell gave birth at home, and none of her family members even attempted to call 911 while this was happening.

The authorities eventually got the Mitchell family to seek care for their daughter, but it was too late. Many members of this church have killed children with their religiously motivated negligence.

Her sister, Shannon Hickman, is currently in jail for allowing her child to die of a preventable disease.

The church, called the Followers of Christ Church, is known for rejecting modern medicine and using prayer instead.

If you want to do that to yourself as an adult that’s fine, but forcing a newborn to lose their life because of your “faith” is just sick. These Faith Healers have killed many people over the years with their beliefs. Prayer should not even be remotely considered as a substitute for medicine and doctors. There is just something wrong with these people. This mother should go to jail.

Featured image via Twitter.

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