One Good Thing Did Come From That Trump-Merkel Meeting: These Photoshopped Pics

To Our German Friends and Allies:

We apologize for the fact that our head of state is an infantile buffoon who’s afraid to shake hands with a brilliant, accomplished woman like your amazing chancellor, Ms. Merkel.

We also want to remind you that the majority of us didn’t vote for this assclown. Three million more of us voted for another intelligent, dedicated lady who would have done us proud, and we don’t even consider the impostor currently residing in the White House to be a legitimate president.

Most of all, however, we ask you to forgive us for the way Donald Trump acted like a complete and utter asshole when Ms. Merkel came to pay a visit. Rest assured we’re currently working on getting the self-centered twatnozzle removed by all legal means available to us.

And now we offer you some laughter with these amazingly original (and slightly altered) photos of the Oval Office debacle that took place.

Bad, bad, bad Donnie!
Burning holes in the con man.
Not just his hands are small.
Clown Trump waiting for his Happy Meal.
Tiny Hands Trump


Your American Friends and Allies

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