‘No One Picked On’ The Obamas – Sean Hannity Forgot How Much Of A Racist Sh*thead He Is

Fox News correspondent Sean Hannity has further proven that he is absolutely, 100-percent full of shit. He got on his radio show, and he actually said:

“Nobody picked on Malia and Sasha, no conservative that I know of. Nobody picked on Michelle Obama except for the stupid statements, ‘for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country.’ She inserted herself into the campaign. If she’s going to say something like that then she deserves to be criticized.”

Back in 2013, Hannity himself had a fit over Sasha and Malia taking trips for spring break.

Just last year, Hannity also said that he would like to send the Obamas away to Kenya or Indonesia or Canada, as long as they don’t come back.


Idiot right-wingers have been saying racist bullshit about the Obamas for years. But, no, they were never picked on.

Featured image via Twitter.

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