Neo-Nazi Website Declares: Congressman Steve King Is ‘Our Guy’

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) must be so very proud today because one of the most infamous neo-Nazi websites on the internet has just warmly embraced him for his recent comments.

This endorsement by The Daily Stormer is in response to King’s tweet on Sunday:

The Daily Stormer proudly declared:

“Steve King is basically an open white nationalist at this point.”

And then the praise is heaped higher on Congressman King. Almost as high as the pile of fetid shit that lies between his ears:

“He is saying the country is white, it is our country and we shouldn’t be raising other people’s kids.”

But they save the best for last, calling for King to be named Speaker of the House immediately and then giving him a big sloppy, open-mouth kiss with this:

“He is /ourguy/”

How sweet! Maybe Congressman King can frame that and put on the wall of the bunker he resides in away from his office. Then he’ll be ready when he and his fellow racist twatwaffles hold their next rally.

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