NC Church Uses Sex To Keep Cult Members In Line

This North Carolina Word of Faith Fellowship church has ridiculously outdated and borderline creepy views on marriage and sex. Their rules are:

  • “Congregants need permission from leader Jane Whaley and other ministers to get married, and it then can take months – or even a year – before the newlyweds are allowed to have sex.”
  • “No one is allowed to date without permission, and most relationships and marriages are arranged by Whaley and ministers.”
  • “On their wedding night, couples are permitted only a “godly peck on the cheek.” When they get in bed together, they must roll over and go to sleep.”
  • “For all married couples, love-making is limited to 30 minutes, no foreplay is allowed, the lights must be turned off and only the missionary position is sanctioned.”
  • “Couples need permission from church leadership to have children, and leaders dole out condoms to make sure unapproved women don’t get pregnant.”

I don’t understand why Christians have to demonize sex so much. It is a natural bodily function, and we all have those urges. They just don’t want anyone to enjoy the sex. Telling a couple when to get married and when to have children is just plain ridiculous.

I realize that people participate in this willingly, but that doesn’t make it less wrong and outdated. Sex is not something to be afraid of. Rules like this just are not necessary in 2017, people.

Featured image via Twitter.

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