You Might Lose Your Cajones If You Grab This Hijab

The New Yorker released a video showing how to defend yourself against a hijab-grab attack or something similar.

This video was released on their Facebook page in response to the increase in hate crimes after the election of President Donald Trump.

It is sad that we have to develop these attacks. Many Muslims and women were attacked just after the election because of nasty Trump supporters attacking people. When we take self-defense classes, we hope that we will never have to use those moves.

Rana Abdelhamid was just 15-years-old when she was attacked, she also came up with moves to help women defend themselves. She was a black belt, so she was able to pivot, face her attacker, and deflect his attack.

She tells women multiple ways to deflect an attack. She tells women to tuck their chin if they are grabbed, so that the scarf won’t tighten around their necks.

Zaineb Abdulla, who developed the attacks shown in the video below, says:

“These hijab-grab escapes were new and developed specifically as a response to the rise in hate crimes we saw after Trump’s election.”

Here is The New Yorker video, which demonstrates ways to fend off various types and angles of attacks:

Featured image via Facebook video.

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