Mikey Pence Was Asked To Defend Trump’s Wiretap Tweet–It Did Not Go Well

If perhaps you were thinking the normally sane and sober Mike Pence could explain or at least provide some insight into Donald Trump’s accusation that former President Obama had his phones at Trump Tower tapped, you were disappointed when all he could provide was:

“I think the president’s tweet speaks for itself. He’s expressed himself on it. And we’re very pleased that the congressional committees have made it clear that they will look into that matter, just as they’re looking into every aspect of it.”

Oh, it most certainly does speak for itself, Mike. It sounds like the rantings of a madman on heavy drugs who is about a half step away from being committed to an asylum.

Pence also told Fox News Radio:

“I can tell you that the focus here at the White House is eyes forward and completely focused on the president’s agenda to repeal and replace Obamacare and to put the national security of this country first.”

Damn, Mike, slow down! You could give yourself and the rest of us whiplash trying to pivot from wiretapping to how badly your boss and his GOP cohorts plan to screw everyone currently on Obamacare.

Pence, like everyone else in the administration, is unable to make excuses for the buffoon in the Oval Office. So they’ve decided to pretend all the bizarre behavior never happened. It’s a bit like having a pet monkey who shits all over the house and screeches loudly at three in the morning. You just shrug your shoulders and exclaim, “That’s what monkeys do, isn’t it?”

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