Mandatory Sex Ed Won’t Stop Teen From Screwing But It Will Reduce Bad Outcomes

The United Kingdom is now making sex education compulsory, and we should do the same. Until now, schools were not obligated to include sex and relationships in their teaching. Most of them only required that sex be talked about in the context of biology.

Here in the states, we also don’t have any universal sex education requirements. The World Health Organization says this about it:

“Sexual health is the integration of the somatic, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects of sexual being, in ways that are positively enriching and that enhance personality, communication, and love. Fundamental to this concept are the right to sexual information and the right to pleasure.”

The lack of requirements here is just plain sad. Thirty-seven states allow sex education to be medically inaccurate! Only 18 states require schools to talk about contraception.

In my case, I was required to take abstinence-based sex education in middle school. They actually told us that contraception doesn’t work, and they used hate mongering and fear mongering to try and scare us out of having sex. They tried to force us to sign an abstinence pledge as well.

Having real sex ed also reduces teen pregnancy and STI rates. That is why we need to teach them about contraception if they are going to have sex. Just telling them no isn’t going to stop it.

All this does is perpetuate the idea that sex is wrong and bad. That is not a healthy attitude.

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