Is Trump’s Former Campaign Manager A Murderer? His Daughters Think So

Remember Paul Manafort? He’s was campaign manager #1 for Donald Trump. He was forced to resign because it turned out he had some embarrassing ties to Russia that were damaging to the Trump team, back in the early days before we learned every Trump senior adviser was linked to the Russians.

But now we have a report from the New York Daily News which suggests Manafort may also have killed people:

“Last month, an anonymous hacker website published roughly 300,000 text messages that were supposedly sent between Manafort’s daughters, Andrea and Jessica, and the accusations in the apparent conversations are harsh.”

Got your attention yet? Here’s an excerpt from those text messages:

Andrea Manafort:

“You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly. Do you know whose strategy that was to cause that, to send those people out and get them slaughtered? He has no moral or legal compass.”

That line about sending people out and getting them slaughtered appears to be a reference to Manafort’s alleged role in the February 2014 police shootings that killed over 100 pro-Western protesters in Kiev.

Remember that time Donald Trump said the United States had a lot of “killers” when he was told by Bill O’Reilly that Vladimir Putin was a killer? Perhaps he was thinking of his old friend Paul Manafort.

The more you investigate the people who helped elect Donald Trump, the more it starts to look like a cast of characters from the Sopranos.

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