In Honor Of International Women’s Day, Paul Ryan Brags About Gutting Planned Parenthood

There are few things worse than a Republican who pretends to care about others when in reality he or she could give a diddly damn about anyone but themselves and their rich corporate masters who own them lock, stock, and barrel.

Such is the case with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who loves to act like a nice guy and a Christian, even though if he had his way, poor people would just go ahead and starve to death so there’d be more oxygen for him.

On International Women’s Day, Ryan was crowing about the version of Trumpcare he and his fellow GOP douchenozzles rolled out Tuesday:

“This is what we’ve been dreaming about doing. (Getting) Washington out of the business of being a nanny state.”

Specifically, the Speaker couldn’t resist pointing out that the already doomed bill to repeal and replace Obamacare:

“Ends funding to Planned Parenthood and sends money to community centers.”

Be sure and catch that buzzphrase Ryan used: Nanny state. Conservatives love that kind of talk, but it only serves to prove what pathetic hypocrites and total assholes they are. They don’t want anyone nannying them into buying insurance, but they have no problem telling women what they can do with their bodies and their reproductive choices.

So while Ryan and his GOP minions may like to boast that they’re doing “God’s work” on earth, something tells me there’s a warm corner of darkest hell reserved for their brand of soulless self-interest.

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