Here’s Why This Conservative Walking Dead Meme Is So F*CKING HALARIOUS

A conservative Christian group made a meme featuring characters from the AMC show, The Walking Dead in an effort to depict Liberals as “Takers” and Conservatives as “givers.”

walking dead
Image from Mr. Conservative.

What the creator(s) of this meme probably didn’t realize or completely ignored was the context of the scene they used.


In season four episode 16 of Walking Dead, Rick Grimes, and his group finally discover a so-called “safe haven” known as “Terminus.” In the episode, Rick’s group are welcomed and greeted with open arms but forced to disarm themselves before entering the camp.

After they disarm Rick’s group, the hosts are “kind” enough to feed Rick’s group some delicious “barbecue,” which is captured in the meme.

However, things quickly take an ugly turn as the generous hosts turn on Rick’s group and lock them in cargo containers.

You see the “benevolent conservative givers” turned out to be cannibals who would welcome all newcomers but kill and eat those who either refused to join them or who they considered too weak to contribute.

This storyline was a variation of the classic children’s story of “Hansel and Gretel.,” it even included a version of the gingerbread crumbs from the story in the form of insidious hopeful signs pointing the way to Terminus.

This Meme’ explains conservative Republican Christians so well on so many levels.

First, the willful or unwitting ignorance of using this scene to make their political “point” speaks to their overall lack of attention to detail. Or it may be that the creator(s) understood the context of the scene but decided to use it anyway.

This speaks to how “President” Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican party either facts to fit their agenda.

Or they unwittingly use things to bolster themselves only to have it backfire in their faces (Like Trump crowing over Consumer Confidence numbers which went up under President Barack Obama’s administration.)

Finally, the meme perfectly encaptures the attitude of the GOP toward their Democratic “colleagues.” Republicans offer false gestures of “bipartisanship” only to stab Democrats in the back when it’s convenient.

It’s almost like how the Peanuts character Lucy always pulls the football away from Charlie Brown before he could kick it. Yet, just like Charlie Brown, Democrats keep believing that one day Republicans will stay true to their word.

Please excuse my fucking french, but it’s time for Liberals to wake the fuck up and realize that Republicans are fucking cannibals who want to destroy us and feed off of our success.

FYI, things didn’t end well for the “compassionate” conservative “givers” on the show.

Here’s a clip of that scene. Skip to the 4:00 mark to see it.

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