Hands Down, This Was The Biggest Mistake Trump Made During His Speech To Congress

Perhaps you missed the biggest mistake made by Donald Trump during his speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, but it didn’t escape the notice of everyone.

Jimmy Fallon sure caught the faux pas our so-called head of state made. When he took a sip of water from a glass, he used two hands. Are his hands so damn tiny that he needs two just to raise a glass to his lips?

Others caught Donnie Tiny Hands drinking with two baby hands, also:

Trump has long been sensitive about his itty bitty hands, and even said during a GOP debate that it didn’t mean he was inadequate in…other areas. But just the fact that he felt the need to say that is suspicious, don’t you think?


Here’s Jimmy Fallon on Trump’s little hands:

h/t The Huffington Post

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