GOP Congressman: Tax Cuts Aren’t About The Rich, They’re About The Successful

Having failed in their attempt to rip health insurance away from 24 million Americans, the Republicans are now turning to tax reform (i.e. tax cuts for the megarich), but they’re trying to pretend such tax cuts would be good for all of us, which even they know is complete bullshit.

Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) told Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Network that tax cuts for rich assholes like Donald Trump get a bad name, but they’re so very good for the entire country, adding:

“The people with money are the people who invest money. It’s not always about the rich for me, it’s about the successful. I just like to see people be successful.”

That’s some awesome double-talk and industrial strength nonsense Kelly is trying to sell. I guess the poor slob who lives paycheck to paycheck and will be lucky to get maybe $20 more a paycheck with GOP “tax reform” is just supposed to smile and take it in the rump the way he has for the past few decades when Republicans decided to play reverse Robin Hood and redistribute wealth upwards, which has never and will never work.

Kelly also had this bit of rancid tripe he was trying to sell:

“I don’t like the divisiveness right now of trying to grade people, and their giving, on ‘Well, they were just wealthy, that’s why they could do it.’ I’m not that type of person. I just think that whenever we win, we win as a team. We don’t win individually. We win as individuals on a team, trying to make America great again, not just [make] me great again.”

In that case, Congressman Kelly, how about you take one for the team and agree to have your taxes increased by about 100 percent a year until the average American begins to prosper as a result of your reckless tax policies? Hell, we provide you with an office, health insurance, and a great retirement plan, so put your money where your mouth is and be a team player. What do you say?

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