Generalissimo Trump Wanted F*cking TANKS At His Inauguration–Tanks!

As part of his poorly attended inauguration, we now learn that our so-called president was once planning to use military tanks and other vehicles of war as part of his being sworn in.

Emails obtained by the Huffington Post under a FOIA request show that the Pentagon was notified and asked about “adding military vehicles to the Inaugural Parade. That same email also noted that the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) initiated the request:

“The conversation started as ‘Can you send us some pictures of military vehicles we could add to the parade?'”

The military official writing the email is clearly not comfortable with the idea of Trump using such equipment for a political purpose, and also wrote this:

“I explained that such support would be out of guidelines, and the costs associated with bringing military vehicles to the [National Capital Region] would be considered reimbursable.”

Take a look at the email for yourself:

What makes all of this even more interesting–not to mention Trumpian–is that the Trump team has denied they ever asked to use such military hardware, continuing a pattern of non-stop lies that began from the moment this traitorous charlatan announced his campaign.

Tanks for an inauguration. How banana Republican of the fake head of state.

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