Former Trump Adviser Says ‘God’ Told Him The White House Is Bugged

During the 2016 race, Frank Amedia served as “Christian policy liaison” to the Trump campaign and managed to convince lots of gullible so-called “Christians” to vote for the most immoral man to ever run for office.

Now, however, Amedia says God is talking to him (No, he isn’t!) and has revealed that the White House is bugged:

“Two weeks before the inauguration, the Lord showed me the vision three times of bugging. I saw the vision of a ghost-like figure running around the White House and putting pins in things. It came three nights in a row at three o’clock in the morning. I said, ‘What is it?’ He said, ‘They’re bugs.’ I said, ‘Bugs?’ ‘Yes.’

“The second night, I looked into the face of the person that was putting them, and they were faceless. He said, ‘It’s a ghost’—which is an acronym, as you well know, for a certain intelligence agency. And the third night when I saw it he then showed me the sweeping of three times. And he said, ‘Tell them to sweep it three times. The first time won’t do it. The second time won’t do it. The third time, what’s in the darkness will come to light.’”

Amedia also claims that he shared this information with Mike Pence, and considering that Pence is also a holy roller with an IQ on a par with a rutabaga, the Veep probably believed every damn word of it.

Now as far as I’m concerned, anyone can believe or not believe whatever they want to. But to say that God told you where listening devices were located in the White House is just a bridge too fucking far, even for a tolerant person like me.

God is not talking to anyone, least of all fake believers who are simply hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame so they can more thoroughly fleece their flock.

Watch this video of the deeply disturbed Frank Amedia and be very thankful this fuckwad isn’t your next door neighbor or co-worker.

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