Evil Incarnate Tomi Lahren Declares ‘I Represent Middle America’

For some unknown reason, on Friday professional hatemonger Tomi Lahren was invited to appear on The View. And there she was in all her evil splendor, pretending to be moderate by proclaiming that she’s pro-choice and not a bad person at all.

Right, as if you can hide those horns under the blonde hair.

Lahren was asked why she thinks she has become such a huge star. Inbetween bites of raw human liver, the spawn of Satan declared:

“I represent middle America.”

To which I proudly reply: No you don’t.

Just because Donald Trump managed to fool some folks in the heartland into voting for him and Lahren was along for the ride, that doesn’t mean she represents shit except how right- wing males love to look at pretty girls on television as they sit in their La-Z-Boy and pretend they’re merely “adjusting” their business down below.

Middle America may be a lot of things–sometimes simple, sometimes a tad intolerant of new things, obsessed with things like corn and butter–but they cannot be said to spew out the same factory-processed hatred which is found in Lahren, Alex Jones, or Rush Limbaugh.

Lahren is laughing all the way to the bank. When her 15 minutes have run their course, she’ll fade into obscurity and become yet another chapter on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Where Are They Now? series. In the meantime, she’s gonna pretend to be relevant to a serious discussion of what matters most to this country. But she isn’t, and as she proved today, she never will be.

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