Don Cheadle Slams Don The ‘Ever F*ck A N****r’ Con On Twitter

Actor Don Cheadle makes no secret of his total disdain for Donald Trump. He has often voiced his opinion of the so-called president via Twitter, which we know Trump is fond of using for his own psychotic rantings. Back in August of 2016, Cheadle posted this about the Cheeto Hitler:

And now Cheadle is in a bit of a Twitter war with a defender of the Con Man-in-Chief. As part of that back and forth, Cheadle leveled this accusation against the Russian mole who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

Then the backlash began and Cheadle had no choice but to defend himself:

But Twitter residents who defend the indefensible Trump demanded proof, so Cheadle gave them this:

Not long afterwards, we got a series of four tweets from the award-winning actor that carefully laid out his beef with the Groper-in-Chief:

How many of us, if we’re being completely honest, have any trouble imagining Trump saying exactly what Cheadle alleges? And you five guys in the back with the bald heads and vintage SS uniforms can put your hands down. We don’t plan to include your polluted opinion in this survey.

h/t Mediaite

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