Desperate Donald Now Trying To Tie Chuck Schumer To Putin; Schumer Gets The Last Laugh (TWEETS)

Deflection is usually the way those who are guilty try and shift blame. In a debate, if someone is losing badly, they will often try and deflect to another issue so as to cloud the waters.

Such is the case with Donald Trump. As evidence mounts that Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Jared Kushner all met with the Russian ambassador before Trump took office, Trump decided to send out this tweet, which reeks of desperation:

Keep in mind we have no proof if this photo is genuine or photoshopped. Also, even if it’s real what does it prove? And Senator Schumer, even if he did once meet Vladimir Putin, wasn’t under oath and didn’t lie the way the Attorney General did.

But there’s one thing this photo does prove without any doubt: Trump knows his days in office are numbered. He will try to slag as many others on his way toward impeachment as he possibly can. This is also what desperate weasels and lowlife assholes such as Trump do when you corner them.

Schumer responded perfectly:

Donald, can you feel the handcuffs on your wrists as they pull you out of the Oval Office and read you your Miranda rights? The day is near, Donnie. It’s only a matter of time.

Featured Image Via the BBC

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