This Democratic Congressman Just Made A Telling Observation About Trump’s Twitter Attacks

If you weren’t able to catch all (or even some) of the House Intelligence Committee hearings on the Trump-Russia connection Monday, here’s a cheatsheet that will have you ready for any conversations you might be involved in:

  • The FBI Director, James Comey, said Trump’s claim of being wiretapped was complete bullshit.
  • Comey also confirmed that the FBI is indeed investigating Trump and other staffers connections to Russia as part of the 2016 election.

What may get lost in those headlines is something Democratic Congressman Jim Himes told the FBI Director regarding who Trump chooses to attack via Twitter. Himes said:

“There is intense public interest in the fact that our new president will attack anyone and everyone. He will attack the cast of ‘Hamilton.’ He will attack Chuck Schumer. He will attack our allies, Mexico and Germany. He will attack the intelligence community, which you lead, associating you with McCarthyism and Nazism.

“But there’s one person and one country which is immune, which is inoculated from any form of presidential attack. No matter what the behavior, no matter if there’s a violation of the INF nuclear treaty, no matter if Vladimir Putin kills political opponents ― the new president defends, obfuscates, does not attack.”

Exactly! Trump never hesitates to fire off a salvo or two at anyone he disagrees with or believes has harmed him in some way. But he will never ever say a cross word about the mass murdering tyrant who leads Russia. Why might that be?

We don’t know the answer yet, but today we moved a step closer to perhaps finding out one day. And when it happens, we will have Congressman Himes, in part, to thank for ridding us of this internal threat to our national security who just so happens to reside in the White House.

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