Daily Show: Trump Lying During Hearing About Him Lying (VIDEO)

The Daily Show covered the FBI hearings last night. This week, the FBI has been holding hearings about Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.

FBI Director James Comey said that President Donald Trump did not have his wires “tapped” during the campaign at all. This was in response to this Trump tweet:

No one is surprised to hear that this is not true, or as The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah put it:

“Is there a thing for reverse mind blown?”

During the hearing, Trump tweeted:

To which Noah replied:

“My favorite part of this long-ass hearing was even though the words coming out of Comey’s mouth were bad for Donald Trump, the president still managed to hear something totally different.”

“There’s tweets in Congress now? Trump is so gangsta. He lied on Twitter during a hearing about him lying on Twitter. He was live-lying the hearing. I’m honestly flabbergasted by this whole thing.”

I am flabbergasted, too, Trevor. Trump is just getting ridiculous.

Featured image via Twitter.

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