Dafuq?! Steve Bannon Wanted THIS GUY For POTUS Before He Chose Trump

Even though Americans are under the impression that Donald Trump won the 2016 election and is now the head of state, the truth is much darker: The real president is not Trump, it’s his top adviser, Steve Bannon.

But according to the New York Times Magazine, Trump was not Bannon’s first choice to run as an anti-immigrant asshole candidate for the GOP.

As far back as 2013, Bannon invited then-Senator Jeff Sessions and his close aide, Stephen Miller, to his D.C. townhouse for dinner and to talk about politics and why the Republicans couldn’t seem to win national elections anymore. White voters, Bannon believed, were the key to a GOP resurgence, especially with the use of two hot button issues which he felt were interconnected: Anger at jobs disappearing overseas and by scapegoating immigrants he would accuse of having taken jobs in the United States.

Bannon reportedly told Sessions he wouldn’t win the election, but he could win the Republican nomination and change the party from within, reminding the Alabama Senator:

“You can get the Republican nomination. And once you control the apparatus, you can make fundamental changes. Trade is number 100 on the party’s list. You can make it number one. Immigration is number 10, we can make it number two.”

Sessions, no doubt realizing that a tiny, shrill man with funny ears and a Deep South accent (think Deliverance on inbred steroids) would probably make a fool of himself in a national campaign, told Bannon he wasn’t the man for the job. That’s when Bannon started looking again and found Trump to serve as the empty vessel for his hateful and divisive propaganda.

The rest, as they say, is history. And it may wind up leading to the complete destruction of the country.

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