Chiropractor Arrested For Making Racist Threats Against African-American Child

The people who work in the healing profession have been given a gift that can never be taken for granted, but some of them take that gift and flush it all down the toilet by being hateful, reprehensible slugs.

Such is the case with Danielle Serini Guardavaccaro, a chiropractor in New York who was arrested and charged with aggravated harassment, stalking, and violation of a protective order.

How did all of this come to be for Guardavaccaro? Well, she has a bad habit of mailing hateful letters to cops and also to the crossing guard at a local school which threatened the woman and her child. One of the letters read, in part:

“My next opportunity will be getting rid of you and that ugly ass n****r [sic] child of the crossing guard,. Keep thinking he’s safe in school, but when the opportunity hits, it will with a bang. N****rs [sic] don’t belong in my neighborhood.”

Apparently Guardavaccaro has been angry with the cops and crossing guard since the police ticketed some the clients at her chiropractic office.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that on Guardavaccaro’s Facebook page she lists as some of her “likes” the following:

  • Donald Trump
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Tomi Lahren

Personally, I say lock her up and throw away the key. Same for the Trump family.

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