Busting 3 Big Myths Surrounding Atheism

I’m an atheist, and I live in the Bible Belt. Here are some myths surrounding atheism that I would like to bust for you right now.

1. MYTH: We Are Bad People.

This is one of the biggest ones. Many people feel that we can’t be good, moral people without religion. The Bible or other religious books don’t own morality. We can still figure out that killing and stealing are wrong. We can still be just as trustworthy as someone who is religious.

2. MYTH: We Were Never Good Believers.

This varies from person to person. Many atheists are former Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any other faith. They came to the conclusion that they don’t believe in the religion they grew up with. In my case, I haven’t been that great of a believer since I was a kid, but that’s just me. Everyone is different. The myth exists because believers think the atheist must never have been a good believer if they walked away from it.

3. MYTH: Atheism Is A Religion.

This is probably the most popular myth about atheism. We are accused of being a religion ourselves. First, atheists have a wide range of beliefs. We may all not believe in God, but we can believe in many different things in addition to that. The very definition of religion is a group of people who worship a particular god or gods. There is no organized set of beliefs we follow.

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