Boohoo!! These Poor Christians Think They Are Persecuted! (VIDEOS)

Yes, there have been many cases of Christians feeling persecuted. This survey found a whole new level of Christian persecution. As Open Doors USA says:

“Christian persecution is any hostility experienced from the world as a result of one’s identification as a Christian.  From verbal harassment to hostile feelings, attitudes and actions, Christians in areas with severe religious restrictions pay a heavy price for their faith.”

A new report from the Public Religion Research Institute says that 80 percent of White Protestant Evangelical Christians feel they are more persecuted than BLACK PEOPLE! This is absolutely ridiculous. Most of this country is Christian. No one is persecuting you. Stopping you from taking our rights away is not persecution. Our President was the sweetheart of the Evangelicals…for some strange reason.

These are the same idiots that believe we are a Christian country. As The Atlantic reported:

“Almost half of Americans say discrimination against Christians is as big of a problem as discrimination against other groups, including blacks and minorities. Three-quarters of Republicans and Trump supporters said this, and so did nearly eight out of 10 white evangelical Protestants. Of the latter group, six in 10 believe that although America once was a Christian nation, it is no longer—a huge jump from 2012.”

Here is a video from Secular Talk about the “persecution.”

Here is a Faux News clip with Bill O’Reilly saying all murderers are atheistic or agnostic:

Featured image via Quora.

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