Yemen Just ROYALLY F*CKED The U.S. After Trump Got Their Children Killed

It hasn’t even been a month since President Donald Trump took office and already a vital ally in the so-called “War on Terror” has dealt the U.S. a severe blow.

The commando raid in Yemen, which was greenlighted by the Trump administration, killed one U.S. soldier, Navy Seal Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens as well as multiple civilians (among them several young children).

Following the raid, Trump’s White House Press Secretary described it as “a successful operation by all standard.”

On Tuesday, the Yemen Government not only voiced their strong disagreement with the Trump administration’s bullshit spin on what was by every account a FUBAR mission from start to finish, but they also withdrew permission for the U.S. to conduct ground operations inside their country.

This is a huge fucking deal.

If U.S. troops can’t legally set foot on the ground in Yemen, it gives a signal to a lot of bad guys wanted by the U.S. to relocate to Yemen. It also sets up a potential domino effect for other countries where the U.S. military currently conducts similar operations.

Here’s another look at the “successful” operation Spicer described.

Way to go, Trump, you goddamn moron. You haven’t even been in office a full month, and already you’ve managed to get innocent people killed because you’re too lazy to sit through meetings.

Given their affinity with Benghazi, I’ll be waiting for cries of Yemen, Trump’s impeachment, and criminal prosecution by Conservatives. Yup…any day now.

Featured image via YouTube.

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