Why Did A Senior Aide To Donald Trump Throw Up A ‘White Power’ Sign In A Photo?

The administration of Donald Trump may well go down in history as the most virulently racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic in American history. It’s hard to think of a more disgusting crew of assclowns in one place, with the possibly exception of a Trump rally.

But senior aide Stephen Miller may have just rocketed to the top of the charts with a hand gesture he made recently in a photo that was snapped of him. Take a look:

Miller’s hands sure seem to be oddly configured and placed, don’t you think? As was noted by writer SemDem on DailyKos:

  • The right hand, on top, is showing just three fingers: “W”.
  • His left hand curls to make the “P” formation.
  • WP. White Power.  White nationalists know exactly what that sign means.
  • According to the Anti-Defamation League, this is a common white supremacist hand sign “particularly” used in California.  (Stephen Miller is from Santa Monica.)

Here’s what the ADL has to say on their website:

Miller is widely considered to be one of the prime authors of the Muslim ban which was struck down by a federal judge in Seattle.

In high school, Miller was reportedly fond of bullying Hispanic students, telling them to speak English. So here’s a person with a fondness for hating others standing in the White House and flashing a sign meant to imply that he is superior because he’s white.

If Donald Trump truly means what he said about racism on Tuesday while visiting the African-American history museum, he will immediately fire Stephen Miller and explain why he did so.

But of course I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, because I’d be in need of a paramedic before Trump ever got around to criticizing one of his hand-picked neo-Nazi douchebags.

Featured Image Via The Guardian

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