White House List Of ‘Unreported Terror Attacks’ Is Filled With Misspelled Words, Dubious Facts

According to Donald Trump, the news media doesn’t report all kinds of terrorist attacks which take place each and every day.

For the past few days, the Orange Bozo has been alleging that the press is hiding proof that his Muslim ban is needed to keep us all safe, and today the White House released what it calls a list of terror attacks. But there’s a few problems with this list:

  • Words such as “attacker” are spelled “ATTAKER”
  • The vast majority of the so-called terror incidents have been reported by the media
  • In some cases, the perpetrator of the crime is identified as “US person.”

It’s almost like the administration had a group of 3rd graders compile the list as some sort of class project for extra credit.

Where does this list come from originally? Naturally, the White House won’t tell us that, but Twitter is already having great fun with it:

To put it mildly, the list is a major clusterfuck, and as one person on Twitter noted, perhaps the incorrect spelling of “attacker” can be attributed to someone transcribing from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet.

OK, Donnie, tell us the truth: Did Vladimir–aka Putey Pute–give you this list? Is he trying to get help you again? If so, all I can say is that’s both sweet and really pathetic.

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